Entre Patios Hotel Boutique has not always been what it is now. It was the house of a family, now is your home for all the time that you decide. The hotel keeps the original layout of the building of the 50s and acquires a new identity by the reshuffle of rooms and common areas, preserving the essence of each space and incorporating contemporary design elements that make this merge a memorable and unique experience.

 You will receive personalized attention and all the comforts of today's technology. You will enjoy a comfortable room, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception service, free parking and a privileged location in the heart of León, Gto. 

We are located 3 ½ blocks from downtown of León; 5 minutes from Zona Piel and the bus station; just 10 minutes from Plaza Mayor and the north of the city; 15 min from Parque Metropolitano; 12 min from Poliforum and facilities of La Feria; 20 min from the southern area of the city where the shoe outlets and the Puerto Interior are. And only 30 min from the Bajio International Airport and 40 minutes from Guanajuato, capital.  

¡We have immediate communication to the fast pathways to sites of cultural interest, business, shopping and entertainment!! ¡Visit us and make Entre Patios your home!!