There certainly are important dates in your life. We will be happy to be with you and offer you our services at our facilities. We share with you our space:

Don Rigo Garden 

Ideal for family or friends parties; It is also an excellent place for all kind of social gatherings. Don Rigo Garden is a terrace of 426 ft2 with fruit trees, variety of flowers and plants. There is a weeping wall of 20ft high. The walls retain the original look of brick but painted. It has a service bar made of bricks and cement. It is decorated with antique items that belonged to the house. Each element is essential to make your event something unforgettable. 

We also offer you everything for your event: food and beverage service, rental of furniture and decoration, as well as ambient music. 

 The story of this place 

 This garden was probably the favorite place of Don Rigo. Here he had a lot of trees of various species that have been preserved. For example: avocados, lemons, limes, guavas, etc... The evenings when the grandchildren were visiting their Grandpa, could sometimes be disastrous, because the children were climbing and cutting the fruits of the trees. And is not that it is wrong to do, it’s just as they did when the fruit were not yet ripe. This garden hides many secrets. For example, if you pay attention, you’ll see some of the turtles of Don Rigo wandering. One of them is named Pirita